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Alana Pryce was born on the same day as ‘Little Prince’ author, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, although not the same year. She studied art and audio visual graphic design at Bristol and Coventry where she came to the conclusion that writing and producing short films was far more fun than trying to design the latest typeface.

Her natural inclination for conjuring creative ideas gave her an opportunity to work for UK Gold. Intrigued by the whimsical nature of television and advertising, Alana’s career was dominated for the next twenty years by two polarized giants of the industry, the BBC and BSKYB.

She’s created campaigns for a multitude of channels and has experience of all promotional media. The Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, The Muse at 269, Sky Arts, Quadratura, Lost Property Art, Tribal Gathering and October Gallery are some of her many clients; as for the others, well, she’s too polite to name-drop.

Recently, she decided to use her diverse promotional and branding skills to promote new ideas and talent in the guise of artists and ecologists.

She lives in London, is a non-smoker who lives with a heavy smoker and would like A. A. Gill to be reincarnated as Welshman in his next life.